TechEnabler and Corero Network Security Partner with Forte Telecom.

The goal of the operator is to offer secure connections and network services to ISPs, governments, and businesses.

TechEnabler, a Brazilian network solutions provider with multidisciplinary experience in the telecommunications and IT markets, and Corero Network Security, a specialist in protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) threats, have announced a partnership with Forte Telecom, a wholesale operator that provides services in 10 Brazilian states, serving about 6 million users in their homes and offices through Internet service providers.

With geographically redundant fiber optic routes, Forte provides its customers with low latency access links and guaranteed bandwidth, using a ring topology. Forte sought a robust anti-DDoS solution to provide reliable and available services, preventing internet connection interruptions, and protecting both its network and its customers’ networks from financial losses and reputational damage.

TechEnabler implemented the Corero SmartWall ONE platform for Forte Telecom, which identifies malicious traffic and blocks attacks before they penetrate the network. With Corero SmartWall ONE, detection and mitigation are performed inline, in real-time, preventing potential attacks and their impacts.

“Since January 2020, when a massive DDoS attack devastated the Brazilian Internet, our goal has been to provide our customers with an effective and powerful solution, instead of the more common palliative measures, with their numerous side effects,” says Sérgio Simas, CEO of Forte Telecom. “The solution implemented by TechEnabler with Corero technology was specially designed to offer added value services to customers. It is based on the concept of Local Scrubbing as A Service (LSaaS), which only Corero technology enables, from a system architecture perspective. Thus, the solution that Forte delivers to its customers provides zero latency and sub-second response time; additionally, Forte’s customers can view and manage their traffic through a sophisticated portal. The system protects customers from any DDoS attack without affecting legitimate traffic.”

In addition to the implementation of the Corero platform on the datapath, which provides inline protection for Forte’s IP links to strategic end customers, TechEnabler also offers cloud protection to serve Forte’s customers who need to defend incoming traffic against DDoS attacks through devices deployed in their Scrubbing Centers. In these centers, NTD – Network Threat Detection analyzers inspect samples of incoming traffic. When an attack is identified, the Corero SmartWall ONE platform instructs the router to redirect traffic to an NTD for inspection and scrubbing, filtering malicious packets and allowing only clean traffic to return to the router and enter the network.

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