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Corero is the leader in real-time, high-performance DDoS defense solutions. Service providers, hosting providers, and online enterprises rely on Corero’s award-winning technology to eliminate DDoS threats to their environment through automatic attack detection and mitigation, coupled with complete network visibility, analytics, and reporting. This industry-leading technology provides cost-effective, scalable protection capabilities against DDoS attacks in the most complex environments while enabling a more cost-effective, economic model than previously available.

Kadiska is the best way to detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues impacting your business. See what drives degradations in SaaS and web apps, user experience, hybrid networks and cloud infrastructure.

The Kadiska platform refactors network, application and real user monitoring to overcome this visibility gap so IT and network operations teams can regain control, optimize performance and deliver a competitive advantage powered by digital excellence.

The Optical Network Monitoring Solution (Automated OTDR – Remote Fiber Testing System) provides remote and automated testing and diagnostics capability across the entire optical network. It monitors the P2P and PON optical network, obtains fiber conditions remotely, identifies breakpoints and degradations automatically and significantly improves MTTR bringing cost savings.

The Active Service Assurance and Network Performance Monitoring Solution – for all Service LifeCycle, is the active performance monitoring solution bringing full visibility (24×7) “end-to-end” of the network, enabling proactive versus reactive actions resulting in the reduction of MTTR & CHURN in addition to revenue growth through managed services.

Kentik® is the network intelligence platform for the connected world, trusted by leading digital companies and providers. With Kentik, companies close the intelligence and visibility gaps associated with operating complex, dynamic networks and achieve greater network performance, reliability and security. Kentik’s Network Intelligence Platform combines multiple data streams from the internet and across edge, cloud, data center and hybrid infrastructures to deliver real-time visualizations and insights based on AIOps and automation.