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About us

We are a company with multidisciplinary expertise that represents more than 25 years of executive experience in the Telecommunications and IT, with a strong performance and relationship in the Brazilian and Latin American markets

In essence, always acting in the implementation of technological evolution, offering specialized services, adding value to the businesses of our customers and partners, connecting and integrating systems and contributing to the growth of the technology market and social welfare.

We sell, connect and integrate technologies with the aim of reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency and enabling new revenue (SVA) on the same existing network infrastructure of our Customers.

“We seek to establish technological partnerships with relevant players in the market, always seeking the state of the art in innovation in order to make a difference by adding value to our customers.”

New Technologies

Proposing innovative technological solutions that allow our customers to optimize existing infrastructures, reducing costs and increasing quality and efficiency. In other words, infrastructure modernization.

Adding Value

Enabling cutting-edge technologies that allow our Clients to introduce new Value Added Services (VAS) increasing their revenues by utilizing as much as possible of their existing infrastructure avoiding significant investments and providing the migration path to grow new OTT business services.


Service & Security Operation Center:

“Pioneers” in our region in introducing the technological concept of SOC (Service Operation Center) from the “supplier business view”, TechEabler provides integrated solutions predominantly “As-a-Service” (OPEX) business model and the capacity of “End-to-End” solution design and implementation: site infrastructure, installation material, HW & SW integrated solutions, deployment services, system powering up, network configurations and commissioning, acceptance testing, end-user services connection and delivery, system integration, end-user´s Product development and implementation, and Technical and Sales training.