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We are pioneers in implementing the SOC concept to offer telecom services. Acting in a much more proactive way and with a greater focus on the Service than on the Network itself (Network/NOC) is the main difference from a NOC operation.

Aiming the SLA from customer we can adapt and offer customized plans to attend every service level required.

The TSC – Technical Support Center is an integral part and one of the pillars of Techenabler´s SOC, providing and managing N1/N2 and N3 services, always in Portuguese for local customers.

Standard support consists of:

Support requests and support contacts (N1 and N2);

The support can be requested via email or hotline phone, on 8x5 basis (8 hours a day x 5 days a week during business hours from Monday to Friday). Support requests submitted via email will be handled by TechEnabler during the support hours listed in the SLA chart;

Request for documentation or technical questions/doubts (N1);

The technical support channel can be used to request technical documentation or to answer technical questions;

Periodic Consultative Meetings throughout the contract;

Communication groups to speed up processes and exchange of information;

N3 support refers to the correction of Software errors, bugs and defect resolution, which will be opened and managed by TechEnabler directly always in Portuguese.

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